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One of the most famous boy bands in Asia, Big Bang, has finally met Minx nails!

In the July 2011 issue of Dazed & Confused Korea, the 5 members of Big Bang demonstrated their extreme make-over style with matching Silver Lightning Minx manicures applied by top Minx nail stylist in Korea, Jinny Kim, of the Nail-Ae Salon in Seoul, Korea.

When Jinny first heard she would be providing nail fashion for the band, she was so excited.  “I couldn’t believe I would be meeting the most beloved boy band in Asia,” Jinny confided.  “I wanted to be prepared, so I selected the most stylish nail fashion that would match their Chrome Hearts jewelry.”

The shoot took place in an old warehouse in Seoul and Jinny quickly got to work with the stylists and decided to apply Silver Lightning Minx to the band members.  “It was the first time they had worn Minx, and as soon as it was applied, they loved it and commented on how great it looked with their jewelry,” enthused Jinny.  The application was easy and because Minx is a solid nail coating, there were no fumes or drying time required – perfect for a hectic photo shoot that lasted from noon to midnight.

The Dazed & Confused magazine was published with 5 front covers – one featuring each member of Big Bang – and inside each magazine is a special 4 page shoot with individual member’s photos.  This special edition was sold out in only four hours in Japan, and in Korea fans were standing in line around the country to get a copy the morning the July issue became available.

Jinny admits that she has copies of all five issues.  “I love every photo.  There were so many great photos including the photo of T.O.P showing Minx reflected against the floor, and the photo of G-Dragon showing the great match between Minx and his Chrome Heart jewelry,” said Jinny.

The photo shoot was conducted by Kim Jung Man, Korea’s top celebrity photographer who is respected worldwide for his artistry and integrity.

For more behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, visit Minx Nails Korea Facebook. (official site is coming soon)

Big Bang’s popularity is not limited to Asia – earlier this month, Big Bang fans in the U.K. organized a flash mob event in the hopes of convincing the group’s record label, YG Entertainment, to bring the band to London for a concert.

Photos by Minx Nails Korea

Photo shoot by Kim Jung Man


The always gorgeous and super svelte Fann Wong looks splendid on the cover of U Weekly!

Vedure NailSpa’s manicurists from the MBS outlet worked on the nailart for Fann’s nails.

What do you think? We love it!

Every lady should have a classic deep red manicure done once in her life! Vedure NailSpa provided the manicure for Tatler Jewels & Time’s exquisite shoot.

Here’s a look at the shoot:

How could you miss Urban’s 15th July maxi-feature on nails? Gaga for fancy nails featured none other than Lady Gaga on the cover of Urban showing off some outrageous nails!

Vedure NailSpa’s Minx was included in the feature too! Read it here:

On the edge of glory with fancy nails!

The Eclipse Minx by Lisa Logan is fantastic!

Did you know that Lady Gaga is a big fan of Minx? Minx celebrity nail stylist Marian Newman has worked on Lady Gaga’s nails several times. The lady also used Minx in her video for Just Dance and PokerFace.

Familiar? Lady Gaga has used this Striped minx design many times

If you have not been Minx-ed, it’s time to head to Vedure NailSpa at Wheelock Place or MBS Robinsons!

We are loving the July cover of Elle for more reasons than one! Vedure NailSpa’s Minx is used for the cover to create a stunning silver look.

Behind the scenes look at putting together the July cover

We love working on beauty spreads! The pictures are always so inspiring and make you wanna run out to the stands and buy the products they feature!

We are very proud of Vedure for being part of L’Officiel’s beauty spread, giving the model lovely nude nails to complete the look!