Contributor – HEINZ refuses to succumb to the latest trend of having snow pale skin even after numerous feedbacks that he is overly tanned. He enjoys his weekly beach volleyball and dragonboat sessions. Having worked in the media and entertainment scene for some time, he has become the understated media darling and like the PUBLICITY PIMP he always is, he ensures both his clients and the media enjoy thoroughly the ride on his disco stick.


GIDANIA is a girlie girl who loves her family, her girls, her boys, her work, her dog, her team, her clothes, shoes & bags! She loves to be treated like a princess & can’t wait to get married. Her guilty pleasures are reality tv & Gossip Girl. =p She is a sports fanatic who enjoys soccer & participates in The New Paper’s sports section regularly as the resident Man United girl! She loves Marc Jacobs. She is working at being a PUBLICITY GODDESS who makes sure that every campaign is successful by spinning clever stories and interesting angles for her clients.