How could you miss Urban’s 15th July maxi-feature on nails? Gaga for fancy nails featured none other than Lady Gaga on the cover of Urban showing off some outrageous nails!

Vedure NailSpa’s Minx was included in the feature too! Read it here:

On the edge of glory with fancy nails!

The Eclipse Minx by Lisa Logan is fantastic!

Did you know that Lady Gaga is a big fan of Minx? Minx celebrity nail stylist Marian Newman has worked on Lady Gaga’s nails several times. The lady also used Minx in her video for Just Dance and PokerFace.

Familiar? Lady Gaga has used this Striped minx design many times

If you have not been Minx-ed, it’s time to head to Vedure NailSpa at Wheelock Place or MBS Robinsons!