While Gi is on the plan to Milan, I’m stuck here trying to adjust to the fact that I have foreign objects on my pupils. Yes, I have perfect eyesight and yes, I’m vain enough to try out the “pupil-enlarging” contacts with no degree. Well, it feels funky and I’m trying my best not to think about it. I’m blessed with big eyes (accompanied with triple eyelids) but overwhelmed by the K-wave, I succumbed to K-domination.

So what do you think?

Anyway the focus is not entirely on me. The other day, I was conversing with one of the big shots in P&G (sensitive info) and he told me about how the marketing paradigm has shifted. Back in my days, unfortunately, we have the 4Ps = Product, Placement, Promotion and Price. And since those fateful days, we have been incorporating those rules in almost every proposals we churn. Admit it!

So Mr P&G told me that with the inclusion of new media aka Internet, Facebook, forums, Twitter and whatever 3.0 not, end users are in fact very particular with the info presented before making a purchase. They will carry out days of researching and seek hundreds of opinions before departing their dough. So as we rambled on, he introduced the 4Cs to me.

A brand must CONNECT with its target audience with the right CONTENT  to form a COMMUNITY that generates COMMERCE.

See…how relevant it is for today’s marketing world. Since forever, I’m a firm believer in connection because that’s when beautiful things start to happen. From new friendships blossoming to signing on the new account, connection is MOST important. If a brand doesn’t have that connection, then who is gonna support you?

Next, content is what you want to convey to your target audience and through what mediums. Is your product luxurious, do you provide world-class services, are you able to provide fantastic after-sales care bla bla bla? I personally feel that Norton has one of the best services in the world but that’s another story. But hey, get your DNA right and convey them clearly. If not, your consumers will be lost and you yourself will be struggling with an identity crisis.

Community is where your target audience is grouped together with a common denominator – their belief in your brand. When a community arises, word-of-mouth spreads and that’s when you see the commerce in play. Get it?

Basically it’s all about thinking, talking, selling and reaping. How biblical is that! Amen.

And back to the k-wave…LOL

My current fav k-band, 2PM. I dont know Gi's fav though.