Hello guys, how have you been? March is going great so far and I’m sure things will be even better! They always do somehow. First and foremost, our hearts go out to the victims of the really nasty Japan earthquake and tsunami. We pray that God will pour forth his mercy upon them and let the Japanese ppl find their strength to work towards building an even better and stronger country.

I had a short discussion with Gi over a meeting she has attended and she was telling me how the people involved are just so … unprofessional. Youth is never a factor but what you deliever/demand at that very crucial point. I’m gonna touch on 5 points that I personally feel will help achieve your objectives:

1) Always be on time. It shows that you respect the people involved and yourself as being professional. And it may cause a slight guilt trip for the opposite party for delaying the meeting. I myself is always guilty of this but I make a point to be earlier than the media most of the time unless 1) caught in the jam, really 2) having diarrhea or 3) someone is chatting me up. But still it’s a very good habbit to cultivate.

I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time.

2) Always be fashionably groomed. It’s shallow but nothing beats talking to freshly groomed super models than oily-faced minions. Always pop a mint or two to eliminate all remnant of your chicken rice or lor mee. If you’ve got the curves/build, wear something that flatters your body but nothing skanky please. Do a smell check and see if your pits are acting on you. Deodorant is a must and your fragrance shouldn’t be over powering. AND NO ACRYLIC NAILS.

Hello?! Where were we??

3) Always do your homework. Research, research and research. I always encourage boundary pushing but know your limits. Sometimes at certain meetings, you need to be pretty aggressive, so make sure you stay firm and don’t be swayed by empty promises. Don’t bang the table, bang their heads with your words and the glare of death. Personally, I will apply my guy-liner when I need that extra “fierce” look but please don’t try it with unskilled hands or you’ll either look like a gay-tranny or a rocker gone mad.

I bet Justin stole his mummy's liner.

4) Always talk firmly and surely. You don’t have to use big words. Short simple sentences will do but make sure you know what you’re talking about and STOP using that one big word over and over again…it shows how limited your vocabulary is. Simple gesturing is good too and sometimes a few lame jokes can break the ice. I like to be personal with people from time to time and always study them first….aunties are always happy talking about their families, compliments are good with OLs and gay men are the best ppl you wanna have meetings with (they can be your worst nightmare too)

Heinz, I wanna launch eye-shadows for men. Campaign or retainer?

5) Always maintain eye contacts so that they will not have a chance to drift away mentally. Don’t look as if you’re gonna eat them raw (pun intended) but from time to time, look at them and nod gently as you speak. Subconsciously, they will agree with what you are saying as well. My fav phrase is “I’m sure you’ll agree with me that …bla bla bla” and I picked this up from a very forgettable person.

I'm sure you'll agree with me that I need a serious facelift....duh!


I mean attending an important meeting can be nerve wreaking but if you can achieve the 5 points that I’ve mentioned earlier, then at least you’re one step closer to sealing that deal or getting the A&P department to be at your beck and call.