First and foremost, Happy Birthday once again to Melissa Lwee and Angeline Neo. It has been years since we’ve known each other and the perserverance & dedication you girls have inspired us to want to achieve more in life. P.s. Mel, we enjoyed ourselves and you never fail to entertain us with yummy food and mojito. I hope Gi has sent your gift to you.

At the BeautyAsia fair, I had a great time receiving samples and gaining in-depth knowledge from the beauty sector. It surprised me somehow that a lot of products have big claims and “results” to back them up. I’m sure this is not something new to beauty junkies but there’re points that I wanna highlight before you make your next purchase on that jar of miracle claims.

1) If a product claimed that..let’s say 99% of this certain cream works, please check out the figure used in their quantitative research. I mean the product can be tested on just 10 people and 9 feel that it works. I’m sure you won’t want to pick a product that has been tested on only 10 people. In my opinion, I feel a minimum number of 100 should be more reliable.

I love Gay-mo

2) A picture may paint a thousand words but if Jonal is best friends with Nicole, what makes you think that the result pics are unadulterated? I’m not an expert in digital enhancing so you may want to read up to find out more on this.

Hey Nicole, your hair is gorgeous....not.

3) Fluffy ingredients may sound too good to be true but at the end of the day, what are they? Does the product contains alcohol of any sorts, plastics of any sorts, fillers of any sorts, sillicones of any sorts or chemicals that are comparable to your dishwashers? If you really love your skin, google them before spending away your cold hard cash.

Lips service anyone?

4) Test them out yourself will be the most important thing to do. Yes word-of-mouth is powerful and collaterals looked like they can be a fairytale to your little nieces but please be shamless and demand samples so that 1) you can do a test patch on yourself and 2) you can always bring them while holidaying. One man’s meat can be poison to you so be safe than sorry.



So yar that’s all I’ve got to share. Remember folks, always look out for the actives in your products because they are the main ingredients that work hard for your skin. Go google and find out more about actives! In the meantime, I have a good mind to get myself a pair of Asics so I can put my Reeboks to sleep. I wonder if Runner’s World is willing to sponsor me a pair if I dedicate a post on it. If Glitzy can do it, so can I…lol….*Hello Glitzy if you’re reading this*