I’ve been missing in action for the longest time due to a hotel account. Yes it’s a little corporate but the experience and insights I’ve gained are priceless. But of course I’m back to beauty so you’ll probably hear from me more. If you think Gi is the only jet-setter, think again. I’m scheduled to fly to Jakarta with Gi next month, HK for Cosmoprof Asia in Nov and also a possible Dubai trip. Oh did I mention that Gi is flying to Paris as well? Thank you Hermes!

Okay, I wonder if this little entry is a lil slow but I’m so amazed by how social media works! It’s like the best thing that can ever happen…kudos to Mark Zuckerberg. But besides the usual facebook and twitter usage in most businesses, I wanna touch a little bit on youtube.

Major brands have been sponsoring big music artistes for their mtvs in exchange for some onscreen/online exposure aka product placement. Honestly, I feel that it may work for some brands but others just fade away or leave a bad aftertaste (pls look at jolin tsai’s mtv with Vivian Dawson…sad love song chocked with Pepsi). Here are some examples:

1) Telephone by Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce

Product/Brand: Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke, Monster Heartbeats and Plentyoffish.com

2) Obsessed (Remix) by Mariah Carey ft. Gucci Mane

Product/Brand: Angel champagne

3) Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears

Product/Brand: Sony, Make Up For Ever, Plentyoffish.com

Even in our very own Home was dominated by Monster Heartbeats.

So what do you think? Personally I’m intriged by plentyoffish.com. haha~

As a company, you need to ask yourself if there is even any brand association with the song, artistes’ image as well as the synergy with the other sponsors. Sure you want to get as much publicity as possible but its really how big the impact you want your brand/product has on the viewers. One thing for sure, the Monster headphones looked weird on our own artistes…a little oversized or the colours dont match their outfits or something. You be the judge while I’m on my way to BeautyAsia to do some market research.