Anybody who knows me long enough will know that I am a sucker for Versace and I am a huge fan of that brand. And it pinched me damn hard when I splurged more than half a grand on a pair of glasses. And on top of that I am eyeing on a LV document bag. Call me tacky but I don’t care. The past 2 months were extremely crazy for me. I have shifted out of lifestyle PR and have moved into corporate and it didn’t help when my BB kept blinking on me. I can’t wait for my upcoming Bali trip where I can shut off my BB…okay maybe not because we are dealing with other people’s money. Darn….I wonder if Gi wants to borrow my BB during my dissappearing act.

I have also realised that I have gained a couple of kgs and that is not good. Damn…I am so gonna ask theĀ aesthetician what can be done when I go for my laser treatment next week. Oh did I mention that I am a fan of retinol as well….okay this post is so self-indulgent but hey…tdy is officially my off day. Le Sigh….

My Versace sunnies~