Sea of reds

Thai protesters ala Red Shirts, spilt their blood yesterday at the Thai government headquaters’ gates, with the help of a Brahmin priest. The priest has apparently laid an unorthodox black spell as well. This protest was carried out in demand of a new election. Now now, we are talking about gallons of blood here where thousands of protesters donated a few “tablespoons” of blood via sryinges into mineral water bottles?

Personally, I don’t understand why will they want to carry out such an act. I mean, if they want to storm down the streets with banners and loudspeakers to voice out their personal unhappiness with the government…then so be it. But splashing their own blood? Have they ever consider the danger it might pose…from HIV to STDs to other undesirable viruses. And the process of donating blood…is it even safe and sterilized and all?

I really cannot empathize the situation and I myself will not inflict such pain on myself. Can you imagine how many lives the “clean & good” blood can save… All I hope is that the land of smiles can come together in peace and work out a solution. Each individual is entitled to his own beliefs on how things should work but ultimately, they will need a leader who truely cares for the country and is wise enough to make the necessary decisions for the country to grow. I am so glad the our local government always strive its best to provide for us.

On a lighter note, Jay Park, former leader of Korean super boy band 2pm, is back with a video for all his fans. This is it and enjoy =)

Jay Park