Okay..personally I am not a big fan of Jack Neo’s (JN) movies nor am I a fan of his latest enthics. But nevertheless, I think we all should give him the credits for facing the media with his wife. Irene is a very strong woman and whatever the case is, if she has forgiven him then we, as bystanders, should just empathize them. No one is perfect, just that JN’s saga has been amplified because he is a public figure. If this happens to my father, I am really not sure how I will react but one thing for sure, I do not condone infidelity. Sidetrack a bit, JN looks kinda cute in the pic below…very Korean Kimchi

Zhen de shi shan nao jing wor!!!

we can always do with an entourage full of him

Ms Wendy, what were you thinking?