I was frolicking around the living room with an SKII mask on when suddenly my mother summoned me and showed me this….

Sun Ho @ the 52nd Grammy

And she said, “how can a person from church dress like this?” And I replied, “So what? Isn’t it funny when an angmoh dresses up like this it’s okay but when an Asian dresses up the same way and you guys call her a whore?”

I am very irritated when ppl talk about how Asians (women) should do this, dress up like that, talk in a certain manner…bla bla bla…I mean give me a break. The reasons people are talking are due to the fact that:

1) They are not good enough to be at the Grammy
2) They can’t sing for nuts and make it big in the states
3) They don’t have the figure to wear something like Sun
4) They are not earning big bucks
5) They want everybody to be stuck in the well that they are living in
6)…too late for me to think of another logical justifications for them

I mean it’s a fashion crime to wear mustard-colored cardigans or carrying fake Bottegas and yet people still do it (and think they are fashionistas) so why is it that when Sun dresses up for the event, it became sensational news here? It’s not like she is doing a Janet Jackson. I read already also paiseh…like nothing better to do. It’s not as if Sun is dressing up like…

Ms Bailing with her ghetto getup

There is a fine line between being tacky and being fashionably sexy. I mean Haiti is having major problems now and when Sun was helping out, how come no reports are being made on her contributions to help those people? Bottomline is people are always remembering and focusing on the bad things that they forget all about the good ones. Repent people before the rapture…muahahah! Peace Out.

Sun in Haiti