A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my home girl, Melissa.

As you have known, Melissa of BT, is a dear friend of mine and I am blessed to be able to celebrate her birthday at the uber-posh luxury day resort, LS Philosophy.

Saw a few familiar faces like Karen T, EK Yap, CK and Frances L, and we had a great time together. And of course the theme was Preppy and Karen had to say that I look like some Korean ah-beng instead of being preppy ( I can’t help it if i am orientally gorgeous hahah!)…snort. And of course we are all entitled to a free massage which was divine.

A private joke between Karen and moi (@@ at Karen) “I don’t know what the hell they are talking about!”, and I just sniggered.

Btw, if you are trying to escape from anyone’s clutches who’s trying to force you to drink, try this lil trick and I assure that it will work out just fine for you. Ask for a glass of iced water with ice, squeeze a lime and dump the entire fruit into the glass and there you go, a mock jin tonic. Woot! Now you know Mel, I am sorry~

Thank you Mel for being such a good friend and I hope that the next 2* years will be even better. Hearts and kisses.

The oh-so-good LS Philosophy

You may visit http://www.lsphilosophy.com/ for more details and V.Day can never be more romantic than to celebrate with your partner at LS. Cheers~