When the serpent tempted both Adam and Eve to partake the forbidden fruit, it caused both of them to sinned against God. They realised they were naked and went to cover themselves and hid away from God. Today, there are many snakes out there slithering in our midst. They tempt us with big promises of fame and success, and use big names to justify their acts.

What’s even worse is that there are a small group of people who use God’s and his faithful workers’ names in vain. I totally despise such people. Some people try so hard to get into our good books but we do understand the simple theory of nothing is free in this world. When someone offers you something free without even being related to you, then beware of such scams and dodginess. This world is a cruel world but the people are not stupid…well at least a majority of them, so if you ever want to create strifes or confusions, then think again because you reap what you sow.

Using Gi’s current fav phrase, “don’t make me spit at your face” “PUI!” (to be exact) and I might just do it in 48hrs time.

The snake and his apple....juicy