The talented Yen has moved on and started BEAUTYMAP, a monthly beauty report based on products research and market intellegence, is set to empower end consumers with the ability to make informed and educated decisions for their next beauty product purchases. With today’s ever-bewildering assortment and staggering array of cosmetic brands and products, consumers are often lost in their decision-making processes. BEAUTYMAP offers impartial research findings and reviews which will enable consumers to reduce the process of trial-and-error cosmetic purchases and to zoom in on beauty products that will work well for them.

A monthly offering, BEAUTYMAP will offer product research and features – highlighting a particular beauty concern each month and listing products pertaining to this concern in an easy to use beauty directory format. Highlighting relevant products for a specific beauty theme each month, contents and ingredients of each product will be analyzed, with the effectiveness of each product reviewed for various consumer requirements.

Look who’s on BEAUTYMAP!

Komachi, of course!

Thank you Christine!