Hello friends, it’s a new year and we hope that 2010 will be a year filled with an abundance of blessings and love for you. 2009 has been a year of both fortunate and unfortunate events for us but somehow we have emerged closer to gold. We are both grateful to the people around us and we want to thank them for being part of our lives.

Gi is currently planning for her short holiday and as for myself, the BKK trip was great. What a shame that I didn’t managed to explore more of BKK. The shopping itself was enough to kill me but I am glad that the hotel’s pool didn’t fail to rejuvenate me every morning with a few laps in the icy cold water.

Ok I shan’t bore you with our trips but maybe you could drop us an email and tell us the trips that you had in 2009. We look forward to reading your lil adventures.

My new year resolution is to strike out a balanced lifestyle. In 2009, due to work, I realised that I have neglected some of the loved ones around me. Yes, money can get you a lot of things but some things are priceless e.g. health, relationships. I will make an effort to bring myself closer to them and I pray that all you guys will move on the higher grounds in this year.

We love you and appreciate you.