Here’s a little random bit of Gi trivia: I’m a big fan of Gossip Girl and I was thinking to myself that the coolest show on TV just got cooler now that Serena’s landed a job as a publicist! They even showed her working at events, driving publicity, packing goody bags, picking up outfits and running errands! Kinda hitting close to home and definitely familiar territory!



Serena at her desk

Alas, she quits in the latest episode! Grr. I was hoping to see them explore her career plot a little more, as she seemed to do nothing much for the first 2 seasons besides running around looking damn gd everyday. Oh well, Serena is now officially a staff of Tripp’s political office, presumably in corp comms or media relations as she’s still writing press releases. I’ll be looking forward to see what happens.

Nothing like a little Gossip Girl to provide some validation that we’re in the right line, right? Hahaha! Anyway, here’s Blake Lively looking absolutely stunning on the cover of Marie Claire. Btw, her hairstyle is now the most requested do, kinda like the Rachel of the 90s. =p





From her Marie Claire shoot