Hmmm the fine line between blessings and being stressed from an overflow of new clients and meetings…

First thing first, thank God that the Hugo event ended well and the media turnout was scary. Poor Gi had to entertain them while I was busy setting up bar counters. hahaha~ thank gdness my reliable staff, Sarah, was there to support me. I bet we both had frost bites from handling the bags of ice.

Last week was such a good week for both Gi and myself. We refused to work and took a week of well-deserved break. As I was typing this, I just finished a new release and damn…I just miss last week’s surreality.

I was looking through my new Filofax (nope I decided not to get the LV one because they ran out of stock and I have to wait for about 1-2 weeks for the new stock arrival and I refused to wait) and I realised that this week is a complete nutcase for both of us again. Besides the good Monday and today, we are packed with 2 meetings each day for the rest of this week. So there are a total of 6 meetings till vball day (sat).

Let’s see…why are we so darn busy…well that’s because we do not rest on our laurels and keep reinventing business ideas. While Gi spearheads the PR section and I am in charge of the event side, we are also doing other stuffs that keep the money rolling in. Heh~~ I wonder where on earth did we get the energy to do so many things. God’s will be done.

To give a lil insight, we are meeting with one renown aesthetic clinic, a few boutiques and the ultimate ONE huge IT label. The brand is so big that I nearly peed in my pants. But yes…. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the refferals. Your faith in us makes us wanna work even harder.

Psstt…we are looking at a penthouse office in town area and other potential spaces. Once everything is settled, we are gonna throw a huge ass opening party~ woot..and no I refuse to do this opening this time round…hahahah~

These are the updates so far..Gi has been bugging me to show you all some love. I will be in BKK from 18-21 Dec so till then~~~




yummy yummy?


yummy yummy yummy?