Grazia's 4 page interview!

Grazia's 4 page interview!

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After a tough year battling cancer and chemotherapy, Jayson produced his latest collection based around light palettes, to symbolise the light at the end of the tunnel. The Austalian press have been raving about the collection since its showing at RAFW and hype has continued until now!

Having met Jayson, I’m so proud of him and the way he works and lives. He is passionate about his line and refuses to succumb to the pressure of following trends and ‘roughing’ up his line a little as the Jayson Brunsdon line is sometimes thought of as being too classic, too evening, too feminine and too traditional.

I respect designers of all kinds, especially those with a keen sense of their own aesthetic and taste, like Jayson and those who will not compromise. Fashion is after all, individual yet personal and that’s the beauty of it. =)

In this indepth interview with Grazia, Jayson talks about how the year has been a torture and how he has been keeping strong and fighting on. I salute all the warriors out there, who are battling against their very own Goliaths, be it illnesses, diseases, financial crises, family/marriage problems, unemployment etc etc. If you keep trying, eventually, you will find a way. Keep your faith and you will be repayed.

I believe.