on or about 12 June 2009, i have made and caused to be made various statements in this blog titled “komachi in kozine” with regards to an agency which has recently won a retainer agreement with a japanese fashion label.
i admit and acknowledge that i have no basis for making the said statements , and that they are false, untrue and completely without foundation and were made as a personal attack without reasons or ethics.
i hereby unreservedly withdraw these allegations and imputations made by me upon the competence and integrity of the said agencyand i hereby tender my sincere and unreserved apologies to the said agency for the distress and emabressment caused to them by these statements.
i also wish to state that there was no basis or whatsoever for me to cast any unfavorable imputations on either the reputation or financial standing of the said agency.
i undertake not to make any further statements with the same or similar and i shall exercise integrity and caution in my future blog entry.

this entry was first posted on the 20th july2009.