Through the course of our work, we frequently come across interesting, hip and most of all unique places to visit and dine at so I thought I’d share some of these places with you as options for your meetings, gatherings, dates etc. =)

I don’t really like very crowded places to hang out and prefer to go to offbeat locations to enjoy myself with my friends & family so I’ll be showing you a secret slice of my life and a hidden gem each time I introduce a new venue!

This week, I present *drumrolls* :

Firestation Hillside Gastrobar!



Located at 274 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, this charming gastrobar might be a tad outta the way for non westsiders, however the cosy ambience, cute little revamped building and lush greenery here more than make up for the location.

The 3,000 sqf place was a former firestation, hence the aptly titled name for the venue. Right now, only the dining area and alfresco area are ready but in future, there will be individually styled cigar and wine rooms, together with private rooms for events and special ocassions.

Serving mainly Western fare, you can check out the menu at

It is the perfect place to relax with your friends while grumbling about work! I love it and I think you would too!

Have you been here before? Share your experiences with me!

For reservations, call 6465 0600.