For the past few months, we have received numerous encouragements from tri-oth the media, clients and readers to start up our own company. The reason we are not doing it yet  is because the economy is not doing well, we have so much more to learn from other PR veterans and also we are in the midst of building our own portfolio.

All of these happened like a dream and it is by God’s grace that we are doing what we are doing now. Initially, I was in Taiwan trying to carve out a career for myself in a Mandarin oriented country and Gi was building up her fashion empire. Out of nowhere, a potiential client called me and insisted that I helped out with the PR initiatives. I declined it as first but because of the client’s persuasion, I decided to summon Gi, who is more experienced in that particular sector and from there, we didn’t look back and referrals kept coming in.

We enjoyed what we are doing and we love meeting the media and new clients. Currently, our team consists of a New Media sector, an event manager as well as a sales director. We are blessed that though we are small, we are living quite comfortably, all thanks to both clients and media for their support.

To cut the story short, both Gi and I have discussed and we have finally decided to hire a part-time PA because we are both running around like mad bitches, meeting the media, new clients, overseeing set-ups etc. and it’s time to find someone who can organize our schedules and liaise with the other departments for us. So we are opening up a position…woot.

We are looking for a female part-time PA. Age: 16-21. Min O levels. You can be studying or having a day job, but you must be easily reached via the mobile. The PA  must apply excellent organizational skills, tact, diplomacy, effective communication skills, maintain confidentiality in sensitive matters, and display excellent judgement. Salary is negotiable.

Interested parties or those who know who will be, you may contact us via our emails and the shortlisted ones will be contacted shortly. Don’t sweat, this is just a simple part-time job. You may just end up someone like this: